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What Our Visitors Say
Seen a lot in Ireland, but to sit and have beers
 with people that care about what happens in their lives is very special to me.
Keep up the good work. Number 1 campsite I have stayed @.
Nice wee caravan site, 
love the toilet seats.
By far one of the cleanest caravan parks I’ve ever been on.
Food was lovely. Very friendly staff 
and very helpful + polite.
Definitely come back again and 
will recommend it to all.
Here  is just a small selection of what our guests wrote in our visitor book
Visitor book
This should be a 5 star rating campsite, not a 3 star.
Very pleasant people, that you can always
get on with. Always clean and well kept.
Always here every year and
meet new people and I love it.
Lovely site.
Very friendly people.
Hope to come back next year.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for cooking our roast. Being here
was like next to home. Great sing song.
Wish we could have stayed longer. There’s always
next year. You are really lovely people.
Thank you for a pleasant stay. Best of  luck.
Very good site.
Really enjoyed it! I really
couldn’t believe it when I saw that
it was a three star; I thought it
would be a 5 star.
Well done
Favourite campsite.
Every time I come here it
feels like coming ‘home’. Alex
& Rob make you feel
very welcome.
This is our second visit to the campsite and we love
it. The kids were always talking about the place ever
since our first visit. We will be back!. Alex & Rob were
really accommodating. Thanks to the both of you.
Camping  &  Caravan  Park